Monday, February 09, 2009

Kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit...

Elmer Fudd may have been spot on in his intent, if not in his execution, if you'll pardon the pun.

Yes, we're back in Suffolk. To celebrate, we decided to have a nice home-cooked meal, and went to our local farm shop for something to eat. Unexpectedly, they had some wild rabbit, so it was agreed that a stew was what was called for.

Whilst Ros chopped vegetables (including carrots, of course), I was outside spraying the external surfaces of the shed with wood preservative - yes, another new skill for this urban bureaucrat. The unfamiliar sight of sunshine made the afternoon that much more pleasant and, once I'd mastered the technique, the job was done quite quickly. I even had time to treat some of the fence panels before Ros decided that she fancied a go too.

Then indoors for the rest of the evening, playing on the Wii for a while before eating the rabbit stew. One of the great things about rabbit is that it is very lean but, even better, it's very reasonably priced here in the country. One rabbit, with enough meat to feed two, costs about £3.50. Cooked at a low temperature for about four hours with a variety of root vegetables and a handful of puy lentils, and served with roast potatoes (25kg for £6.99) and you've got a meal fit for a baroness.

Then time to read the newspapers, a bit more time on the Wii (new personal best on the shooting range for me) and time for bed...

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Jennie said...

Sounds like domestic bliss to me :D

Don't get Lego batman for the Wii, though. You'd only end up as Robin, and forced to ride the smaller Dinosaur.