Monday, February 09, 2009

How many countries does Mozambique have a border with?

Wednesday night saw Ros and I in Brentford for the Brentford & Isleworth Quiz Night, fish and chip supper thrown in. Ros was there to give a speech and I was there... because I could be. Besides, I should be there to make sure that she gets home safely, right?

After the speech, the quiz got started, and I have to say that the difficulty of the questions was notable. I normally fancy myself at a quiz night, but these were tough ones, almost as tough as the evening I spent with Duncan, Grace, Jessica and David in Lewisham and Beckenham North two years ago. Luckily, because of the journey home, we couldn't stay long enough to take part, so my reputation in such things remained unblemished.

I was impressed by the fish and chips though. Served in individual boxes, and delivered straight from the shop, they were warm, tasty and filling. I've never seen anyone attempt that before, but it's certainly a good idea.

The journey home was much smoother than one might have feared. We just caught a bus to Gunnersbury, just caught the connecting train to Brondesbury, before just catching the number 32 bus to home.

On our way, we also ran into the new Chair of Camden Borough Liberal Democrats, Elizabeth Stanton-Jones. She has recently celebrated the award of an OBE to her son, Nick, our Leader on Southwark Council, for services to local government. Well deserved, if you ask me...

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Jock Coats said...

I hadn't thought about Zambia, but had thought about Swaziland, so I was still wrong on six, not seven, assuming you include a sea border with Madagascar...:)