Monday, December 10, 2007

A golden era of bureaucracy comes to an end

Tonight saw the end of what had originally been intended to be the bureaucratic equivalent of the 'thousand year Reich', as I attended my last meeting as Regional Secretary.

The problem became that I stopped enjoying it. Regional Executives became places where initiatives went to die and, whilst I fully understand that I can't always get what I want, the regularity with which good ideas ran into the sands finally got to me. It is therefore time for someone else to take over, assuming of course that they really want the job and are not doing it merely because it needs to be done.

Me, I'm off to be Regional Conference Chair. I have an agenda, I have some ideas to try, and I have a participation concept to pursue. Whatever happens, it has to be better than the past year as Secretary...


Left Lib said...

So what will you call your blog now?
As a chair, how about "Liberal Furniture"?

Not sure that has the same wow factor...

Alternatively, how about "Liberal Meglomania"?

Now that does have a certain something I think...

I fact I am wondering where that might lead. Perhaps I should ask you for your autograph before I never see you again?

Anonymous said...

Good luck Mark!

nuggit said...

Hi Mark,
Sad to hear that one era is coming to a end for you but a new exciting era for you is just beggining. I just hope that your new chair can cope with you.

Regards Dave Naghi