Thursday, October 04, 2007

SHOCK NEWS: Returning Officer makes pragmatic decision in support of the campaign!

It is with some bewilderment that I must report that I've made a decision.

Yes, I know, the concept is an unlikely one, but sometimes, outcome is better than uncertainty. So, without further ado, I would like to announce the Mark Valladares Memorial Decision...

I've cancelled Saturday's European hustings in Eastleigh.

Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice
There, I've said it. I've made a decision. I've made all of the arrangements so there is no turning back, and fifteen European candidates can more effectively use the day getting more votes for the Liberal Democrats. May God have mercy upon my soul...

Oh, you wanted a justification. Um... oh yes, the three neighbouring constituencies are all expected to get their campaigns underway with a blitz of activity on Saturday, a General Election will almost certainly be called early next week and we still haven't issued the ballot papers and manifestos so nobody will come anyway. So why lock a bunch of people in a room to listen to fifteen candidates when all of them could be knocking on doors, putting leaflets out or getting press coverage?

Is that joined-up thinking or what?


Anonymous said...

Good move Mark. You could'nt encourage your colleagues in London to do the same could you?

Anonymous said...

Well done.. I am still amazed at the willingness of committed Lib Dems to persist with internal meetings in the run up to elections. My constituency exec recently cancelled a meeting so that people could help in a by election (not in our constituency but near enough) only to find another local party.. a lot nearer.. persisting with an internal meeting on the eve of poll!