Friday, June 08, 2007

European Selection: the starting pistol is fired!

And so we go from one selection, straight into another. I was still finalising the South East's Regional Profile at 1.30 this morning, and the cover letter and Selection Committee membership list aren't quite perfect yet (they will be, eventually).

Fortunately, the hordes of potential applicants have obviously decided to wait until the weekend to deluge me with requests for the application pack, so I may actually get a chance to get everything done before my life ceases to be my own once again.

Now, of course, my Selection Committee are in possession of the only slot being vacated by its current occupant (don't worry, it isn't a secret, Liberal Democrat News says so!), and so, assuming our performance doesn't drop significantly in 2009, a new MEP will emerge, blinking in the light. I wonder who it will be?

One of my pet projects this year is to create a decent list of events across the Region so that candidates can mingle with members. So, if you have connections with a Local Party in either South Central or South East Regions, get in touch, we can talk about a potential social event between 28 August and 6 November. Try and avoid Saturdays and the period between 15 and 20 September (we'll all be going on a late summer holiday in Brighton), but other than that, my diary is wide open...

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Mark Pack said...

Don't forget to encourage people to advertise them on Flock Together too. If the London experience is anything to go by, quite a few candidates will end up using it to find out about events, so it's a good way of getting an extra half a dozen attendees.