Sunday, March 25, 2007

The end of an era beckons...

Yes, the "for sale" is up in front of the house, and a photographer is coming on Thursday to take pictures and draw up a floor plan.

It is, in a way, rather sad, as I'd grown comfortable in this house but, for the next phase of my life, it is in the wrong place, has too many memories that I'd rather not dwell on, and has an apparent value that I would be foolish not to crystallise.

I suppose that I'd better start househunting...


Kim said...


Its such a shame that you have a leave a place that you and the cats had "settled" in so well.

Being one of the few priveledged memebers of the family to dine at chez vous, I have to say, I enjoyed the area while campaining for the Lib Dems (and of course the home cooked meal).

But as you say, its a time for new beginings and I'm sure that the folks in the Brent borough will he happy to know that the VALLADARES is moving back to a place he can once again call HOME.

Good Luck with the move and I'll see you soon

Anonymous said...

Strangly just as footballs coming home - so is Mark