Thursday, March 08, 2007

Believe it or not, the European selection campaign is underway (or maybe it just seems like it)

One of my work colleagues is convinced that I'm always out doing something, and I'm beginning to think that he might have a point.

Tonight, I was at the National Liberal Club, acting as Rab Makki's stand-in (for those of you who don't know Rab, he is Nick Clegg's self-appointed stalker) at the Barnet Borough Liberal Democrats Dinner. Given that tonight was the vote of House of Lords reform, we weren't expecting Nick to make it until fairly late but, miraculously, he was there almost on time and dinner was hugely entertaining as a result.

I found myself at a table with Helen and William Wallace (Lord Wallace of Saltaire for those of you impressed by titles), and they were a delight to have the opportunity to talk to. William is one of those people who add lustre to our representation in the House of Lords and would probably be described as 'terribly clever' by Lord Bonkers, and is our House of Lords Spokesman on Foreign Affairs (I assume that there is quite a lot of competition for that job with Russell Johnston about).

Nick was, as usual, on top form, assailing both Labour for their appalling record of justice and civil liberties, and the Conservatives for their dreadful opportunism (just what is it that you're in favour of, Dave?).

However, from the perspective of a European Returning Officer (which leads me to be somewhat cynical), I was most interested by the presence of two potential European Parliamentary candidates for London, working the room. I won't name them, but note that my past advice (that you can never start campaigning too early) is at least being borne in mind by someone.

And, as a result, they might get a higher preference from me than they might have done otherwise...

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Kim said...


Might the Indian flag be flying high on your blog, because you are supporting India's bid to win the 2007 Cricket world cup??

I guess if that is the case, I can safely bet that it means that your dad is supporting England