Thursday, October 12, 2006

Isn't it always the way...

... that when you decide that you're not enjoying something and will give it up, you start to enjoy it?

And that, my friends, was brought home at this evening's meeting of the Dulwich & West Norwood Executive Committee. Having said that I was going to stand down as Chair, I found myself actually enjoying myself. By the way, I know that someone was reading that blog entry, as my ex-wife's solicitors have quoted from it in one of their recent missives (do try and read the rest of it, won't you?).

The irony is all the greater as not only was the meeting fun, but we were done in less than ninety minutes and everyone had plenty of opportunities to comment. We actually made some significant progress too, possibly related to the fact that none of our councillors were available to take part (I'm only joking, guys, I love you too...).

So perhaps there is a lesson here, in that if you deal with meetings as though they may be your last, there's a lot less pressure and you can enjoy them more. It probably isn't a practical lesson for the average bureaucrat (there must be a plan, there simply must be...), but then I'm not the average bureaucrat - how many have received a letter at work thanking them for the Quebecois joke?

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