Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Have ballot box, will travel...

I've been a Returning Officer for the Party's internal selections since 1989, and in carrying out my duties, I've covered a surprising amount of territory from Mole Valley to Stevenage, Harrow West to Faversham and Kent Mid, and including much of London. Apparently, I'm pretty good at it, good enough to have been appointed to act as Returning Officer for the last two European list selections for South East England.

I'm not needed in London at the moment, as our Regional Candidates Chair has worked very hard to create a bank of Returning Officers, so I have accepted an invitation from South Central Region to cover a couple of 'gigs' for them and, as a result, I found myself sitting around a table this evening with the Selection Committee for Wokingham Liberal Democrats, agreeing the documentation for their selection process. They're a nice committee, and well organised with it.

I'm confident that all will run smoothly, although one should never prejudge these things. I'll report more on the progress of this as we go along, in the absence of an equivalent of ConservativeHome (they publish a surprising amount about their selections, I have to admit...).

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