Friday, September 20, 2019

ALDE Party Congress, Athens 2019 - the draft resolutions for debate

Yes, it's coming up to that time of year again, when liberals from across the continent come together to meet, debate and swap ideas. There may also be the odd glass of something taken too... Over the next two weeks, I'll be covering the resolutions submitted for debate, and offering some of my thoughts where appropriate.

But first, here's the list (and I'll add links to each as I publish...)
  1. A Climate Policy that Delivers on the Paris Agreement (submitted by Centerpartiet (Sweden), Nowoczesna (Poland), Radikale Venstre (Denmark), Liberal Democrats and LYMEC)
  2. Carbon Capture and Storage: Reaching the Paris Goals (submitted by Venstre (Norway))
  3. Chick culling – A European concern (submitted by the Free Democrats (Germany)) 
  4. A framework directive on soil protection (submitted by Radicali Italiani)
  5. Resolution on Transnational lists and the lead candidate process (submitted by the ALDE Individual Members and LYMEC)
  6. Democracy, rule of law and knowledge during the digital revolution (submitted by Radicali Italiani)
  7. Creation of a European Rule of Law Mechanism (submitted by the ALDE Individual Members)
  8. Strengthening European democracy and values (submitted by Piu Europa (Italy))
  9. Supporting ALDE Individual Members in Central and Eastern Europe (submitted by the ALDE Individual Members)
  10. Improving Europe’s capabilities to address the rise of China (submitted by Centerpartiet (Sweden), Liberalerna (Sweden) and the Free Democrats (Germany))
  11. Strengthening the European Union as a Global Actor (submitted by the Free Democrats (Germany)
  12. The United Kingdom and the European Union (submitted by the Liberal Democrats)
  13. Reducing Harm for Migrant and Vulnerable Workers (submitted by the Liberal Democrats)
It's a varied list, with three resolutions either authored or co-authored by the Liberal Democrats. But bear in mind that these aren't the final versions, as amendments are possible until 27 September, and members of the Federal International Relations Committee, including myself, are already on the case...

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