Tuesday, March 05, 2013

What does this Liberal Bureaucrat believe in? #libdemvalues

Why wait for someone to tag you, when you can just wade in?...

Technically, of course, as a bureaucrat, I should do this in 450 words, rather than 150, but, here is my especially personal take;

A liberal bureaucracy should bolster the freedom of the individual against the danger of an overmighty state.

It should respond, not react, to the established needs of the individual, enabling them to make informed decisions in their lives, participate in their society to the extent desired and take advantage of the full range of opportunities available to our society.

It should enable, rather than proscribe, protect, rather than abuse, and encourage, rather than place obstacles in the way of, innovation and diversity.

It should encourage imagination in problem solving rather than impose blunt conformity by its methodology, and should be prepared to justify the decision reached.

It should seek efficiencies such as to enable elected officials the widest possible range of options in making public policy, and be aware of the burden of compliance when designing processes, seeking to minimise it where possible.

Right, that's 142 words. I'll be damned if I'm going to conform...
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