Monday, October 31, 2011

And to think, one of my friends is an international cricketer...

I've been spending the evening working on the East of England Regional Party's website - not the most exciting of chores, I know. However, in the tidying process, I discovered something that I didn't know.

This distinguished looking gentleman is Peter Welch, former Liberal Democrat Parliamentary candidate for Southend West, former European Parliamentary candidate, and all round decent fellow. He is also a former member of the Luxembourg national cricket team, and was part of the team that took part in the 2003 ECC Trophy in Vienna, competing against the might of Portugal, Croatia and Malta (amongst others).

Alright, they weren't very good. But, let's be honest, isn't it every cricket buff's dream to  play international cricket?... But I know that you're dying to know how he got on, so here are the statistics;

13* vs. Switzerland (batted at number 8, hit two fours)
0 vs. Greece (batted at number 3, one catch as wicketkeeper)
4 vs. Austria (batted at number 6, hit one four, one catch as wicketkeeper)
2* vs. Finland (batted at number 8)
5 vs. Switzerland (batted at number 7)

An average of 8, three boundaries struck and two catches taken for a team that, it is fair to say, didn't shine. But the record will always say that he was there...

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Peter said...

Good to get some recognition for my cricketing exploits!