Monday, January 31, 2011

So, how's the openness thing going, Mark?

Last week, I raised the issue of representation and transparency within the Liberal Democrats, alighting on the English Party as a place where much of importance is decided, but where there is little light shone.Indeed, there is so little light shone that I can't find a website for it, or any sign that it actually exists for public consumption.

So, I wrote to my fellow Regional Secretaries, to see what their view was on making at least the names of their English Council representatives available via their Regional websites. And, so far, this is what I've heard...

  • South East - I didn't have to contact them, they were the first to publish
  • East Midlands - Alex Foster is on the case
  • North West - Jane Brophy and Jen Yockney are checking with their representatives as to how much, if any, information they are willing to make public
  • London - I've had a list, courtesy of their redoubtable Regional Administrator, Flick Rea.
No news yet from South Central, Western Counties, Devon and Cornwall, West Midlands, Yorkshire and the Humber or the North East.

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Oranjepan said...

Keep on it!

If LibDems can't keep up with the wave of support for greater access to information enabled by new technology, not only will the party miss out on the benefits of clearer communication channels and more effective communication, but it will also give rise to concern that we don't practice what we preach on basic freedoms - a potential double whammy in electoral terms!

If I wanted to hit the hyperbole button I'd draw a comparison with the situation in Egypt where communication methods are opening up a cleavage in society by enabling the masses to bypass the leadership, a situation which has become necessary in conditions where accountability is lacking over various greivances and basic needs simply aren't being met - but that'd be a bit crass, so I won't.