Friday, January 18, 2008

Et tu, Ros?

And so I have become part of a multi-blog household(s). Ros launched her new oeuvre into the for now warm waters of the blogosphere on Wednesday, and received a friendly welcome from some of you (thank you for your kindness, by the way).

When I first started dating Ros, my view of the House of Lords was more cliche than reality. Images of elderly gentlemen sleeping off an excellent lunch and occasionally waking up to deliver a rousing condemnation of the various works of whatever century they happened to believe they were in were foremost in my association with the Upper Chamber. Since then, I've had a crash course in the role of the House of Lords and, in particular, the activities of the Liberal Democrat front bench, and highly educational it has been too.

I'm therefore delighted that Ros's activities will get a wider audience. Given that our side actually win votes on various pieces of Labour's increasingly shambolic legislation, and, that as our Lords spokesperson on Communities and Local Government, her work impacts on those of us who are active in local government as councillors, employees and activists, it should prove to be an interesting insight to Government 'thinking' and a warning of what is to be done in the name of Brownian Labour.

And hopefully, it will encourage me to improve the frequency of postings here...

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Jon Sacker said...

But you haven't put her in your blog roll tut tut!!