Monday, September 25, 2006

Oh no, I'm in danger of becoming serious!

Perhaps that's a bit of an exaggeration. I do know that my family are making 'worried' noises like, "You've sounded a bit miserable lately, why don't you lighten up a bit?", and, "Are you tired, your blog gives that impression?". Family, aren't they wonderful?

And perhaps they're right. The blog has been a bit serious of late, call it sombre. I've allowed the people around me to define my mood, and that isn't necessarily a good thing. These politician types are so serious, and it matters so much to them that it hurts. Most of my favourite moments revolve around the more frivolous (when I grow up, I want to be a wildly coloured butterfly...) and I operate so much better when I'm smiling (or ill, but that's a different matter...).

So, an open invitation to my colleagues. Try and make me happy, don't waste my time with stuff that isn't that important and do try and look as though you're enjoying it. In return, I'll be the eccentric bureaucrat that you actually need, crack jokes when they'll help and hum something cheerful even though I won't be aware that I'm doing it (it's a sign that I'm happy).

If I stop enjoying it, I'll find something else to do. Because, believe it or not, there is a world beyond politics, and most people outside seem to rub along somehow... if anyone has any ideas for things I could do (culture would be nice), why not let me know?

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istanbultory said...

Yes, Mr. Valladares, your blog has been distinctly Gordon Brownesque of late (in temperament at least). As a loyal tory, I am not sure if I can offer you any aid and succour. Except to say Buck up,sir! Buck up!

Mind you Blair's Britain seems to have a profoundly depressing effect on millions- you are not alone.