Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A vacancy at Liberal Youth as Chair resigns...

I am somewhat surprised by developments at Liberal Youth. Alright, I am nearly always surprised by developments at Liberal Youth, but this is unexpected. It appears that Elaine Bagshaw, having been elected in what was a rather unfortunate contest as recently as March, has now resigned as Chair.

Featured on Liberal Democrat VoiceAs an office holder of Liberal Youth by dint of my position as Returning Officer, I keep a measured distance from the affairs of the organisation (call me a professional neutral, if you must), so have no idea what has actually happened to bring about this event.

However, this does mean that I must ride into town once again, armed only with the Federal Constitution of Liberal Youth, my ballot box and a sense of humour and tolerance. At the moment, I am consulting in order to establish whether or not my presence is required at their Spring Conference in York (last weekend of February if you're interested), and will use this blog and, of course, the Liberal Youth website and forum, to keep a waiting world up to date.

I don't doubt that there will be those who have much to say on what has happened, accurate or otherwise. There always seems to be. However, I have to say that my personal dealings with Elaine have always been courteous and professional, and I hope that she has felt rewarded in some way by her tenure as Chair of Liberal Youth.

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